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War Game Léo Caillard


via the-gasoline-station:

Merchant Square footbridge

Designers: Knight Architects + AKT II

Location/Year: London, England UK / 2014

Photograph: Edmund Sumner

GIF: The Gasoline Station



Dear Students,

This just in from sharp-eyed Smiley Bone.

In 1947, ten cartoonists drew their characters blind-folded. Can you dig it? Wanna try it?

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Typewritten Portraits Álvaro Franca

"Typewritten Portraits is an experimental art project. During my exchange period at Cambridge School of Art, I developed a technique for creating grayscale images on a typewriter and from it I was able to create portraits of five of my favourite authors in literature who worked on typewriters. 

This is an ongoing series and there are plans for five other portraits to be concluded this following year. Photographs by the excellent Fernando Dias.”